Who Are These People?

On the left is EmiLee. Totally cool way to spell a name, by the way. She enjoys photography and working with therapy dogs. Her interest in photography has contributed to her choice to major in art education, which she hopes to use to connect with her future students on a personal level and make a difference in their lives. Inside the classroom and out, EmiLee hopes to have a positive impact on the world around her, which to her means donating to animal shelters (rock on) and using her passion for photography to give her customers a captured moment to hold onto. On a different note, despite the fact that she doesn’t consider herself a very good singer, EmiLee is always singing in the car. But really, who hasn’t sung their heart out at a stop light to Bohemian Rhapsody, no matter how off key we are? But, if she’s with the right people she would be willing to participate in a goofy night of karaoke.

On the right is Sam. She enjoys painting and drawing, and has a love for adult coloring books, which I think is the best trend on the planet. With these interests she has also chosen to go into art education, with hopes that she can be a good role model for students in her class, and instill in them a passion for the arts. She hopes that her students will look to her as a friend and not be afraid to approach her with any problems they may have. Aside from all this, Sam has noted that she roots for the Green Bay Packers, and does not participate in karaoke because she too does not think of herself as a good singer and she might not be comfortable in front of so many people. Coincidentally, I met Sam’s brother during DKS, where both he and I participated in karaoke. Now that I’ve met both of them I can conclude that I consider them to be a cool sibling duo.

I think it should also be recognized that both EmiLee and Sam have taken very cute selfies. That is a skill I am yet to acquire, so kudos to both of them.


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