3D Comp

Why Studio Arts?

Despite the fact that I am currently more inclined to work with a specific set of mediums, being metals or colored pencils, I want to explore what I can achieve artistically when I study without limits. The studio arts major offers me the greatest artistic diversity, which is why it appealed to me from the moment I heard about it. I had originally thought of going into an interdisciplinary study of sculpture and drawing, because that brings in a 2 dimensional element I am most interested in, and still allows me to focus on 3 dimensional work as well.

I’ve never liked the idea of having limited options. I’ve never wanted to be just one thing. Along with my major I plan on taking minor in theater management. I have a passion for both visual and performing arts, and I would hate to sacrifice one or the other for the sake of choosing a severely limited career path. There is a lot of overlap in both these areas. Specifically in set design, costume design, etc, that I know I could use both paths to benefit each other.

So I think I’ve chosen studio arts because it gives me the greatest amount of options. If I have a wide range of skills, I have a greater range of jobs I would be suited for. Plus, I find that the more I learn in one area of art, the greater my skills become in different mediums, which is always nice.

I’m pretty sure that’s it, basically studio arts takes away the limits I would have with a lot of different majors or even schools, and I really like keeping my options open.


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