2D Comp

Gestalt in Artsy

“Allusion” by Brigitte Kowanz

Above is the link to my selected piece for this post. I was scrolling through artsy and I liked a lot of the pieces I saw, but when considering Gestalt principles one or two stuck out to me for this piece in particular. This piece uses light to present an image that can be interpreted in different ways, but through my eyes I see a sword when you connect the dots. In this way, I think Kowanz has utilized Closure in a unique way that also appeals to my aesthetic point of view. I tend to lean in either a complex sense of style or a very minimal sense. This being on the more simplistic side, I found the use of light and dark value to be eye-catching. When looking at the individual pieces that make up the whole, I can even see balance and pattern in each beam. I also find myself appreciating the creativity behind forming an image that isn’t whole through the separation of its parts instead of letting the line move consistently through one panel. Overall I enjoyed the contrast and the attention this piece commands.


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