2D Comp

Gestalt in Circles

I didn’t end up filling a full 3 pages of hand drawn circles, but I do have enough digital squares filled that the total of options to choose from for each principle is six. I think my favorite designs are in the Closure category and in Continuity. I think I enjoy the optical illusion created by the open space.

There are a few designs i went back and forth between whether they were more closely related to one principle or another, but in the end I think I’ve managed to grasp the main concept for each of the six. I think I may have spent too much time trying to focus on making them look interesting. In many ways I always overthink simple tasks like this, and I end up squishing more in than is necessary, or in this case, prominently including more than one principle in a single design. Maybe I should have just kept them simple to highlight the true characteristics of each category, but then again, I always enjoy making something that I also find visually appealing.

I think I’ve at least managed to capture the point of the Gestalt Principles multiple times, so I consider that a success. Although this exercise was incredibly tedious and honestly drove me a bit insane, I appreciate its purpose and I’m pleased with the work I’ve done.


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