3D Comp

Spiral Stair Sticks


Look at our lovely spiral! It’s so pretty and I love it!

The basic idea behind this was from Kate. She suggested a spiral staircase, which Chris and I both agreed would be very cool, so we set to work. We started making fans of eight paint sticks each, then used two sticks glued face to face to elevate one fan from the next. When we finished we realized we didn’t have the time to build a reinforcing central structure, so our staircase wouldn’t bring us to “the next level,” but re-imagined as an abstract shape, we can look at it like we are watching clouds. at one point we were draping it around our shoulders, pretending it was some kind of high-fashion collar. Then it looked like we were lizards, then we set it on the table and it looked like a giant pencil shaving. Our mini-project ended up being really unique and I’m happy with what we created. It was cool to discover this shape from something simple like paint sticks.


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