3D Comp

Gestalt in 3D

So I’ve organized these three dimensional examples of the Gestalt principles in the order of Continuity, Containment, Closure, Repetition, Similarity, then finally Proximity.

Continuity is covered by the first three images, formed by the lights, the stars, and the flags at the top of the final picture.

Containment is in the next two pictures. All the sticky notes of quotes are contained within the one protruding section the wall, and my image is contained within the mirror.

Closure is the next three images. The pattern on the plate never closes the circle but we see it in the way the images curve around the plate. The overlapping of colors on the glass create the illusion of full ovals, and the stars dot around a circular area.

Repetition in the next four images is shown in the pattern on the tissue box, on the dish towel, the vent of the heater, and the organization of Christmas ornaments on the shelf.

Similarity also uses four pictures, represented by Pokemon (gotta catch ’em all), types of lipstick tubes and nail polish bottles, color or lack thereof in pens, and type of coin in a jar.

Proximity is in the final two images, shown with placements of thumbtacks on a bulletin board, and the separation of one piece from a grouping of three others.

Finding Gestalt three-dimensionally was much more difficult than I expected, but I’m definitely more receptive to seeing these principles around me than I was before.


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