3D Comp

Module Composition

So when I was going about this I wanted to play with a geometric image against some organic settings. I really enjoy when you can mix something built primarily on sharp angles with things that aren’t necessarily as structured, like plants or light. The first two I really just placed them on the ground and worked with it until I figured out how to make it appear that i was somehow bursting from the ground, like its some new space age toothpaste tube plant. In the second set I was playing with light and the semi-circle shape. Originally I wanted to suspend it from an overhead light but I couldn’t get it to stay for a picture, but then I found balancing it on this lampshade finished the circular shape. I Like the glow that comes from it when you put it against the light. It makes it feel more alive. The third set is currently my favorite. Not only was I working with light, but with shadows and mirrored images as well. This combines less of an organic element, but something more like a kaleidoscope. The fourth works with suspension and light. I kept looking at this shape like sunbeams and I wanted to put it in a place where that made sense. The final set isn’t my favorite. It really seems out of place to me, but if there is one thing I like its the contrast of stark white to the rich green. Plus, now I have a new star for the Christmas tree this season.


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