The Last Two Weeks

I’m an adjuster. I’m very good at being thrown into something new and adapting to the circumstances. Moving away from the house I’ve lived in my entire life was strange, but I haven’t been hit yet with any bouts of heavy homesickness. Maybe that’s because I’m already comfortable with my roommate, maybe that’s because I’ve brought so much of home with me, but really I’m not surprised that I’m coping with change so well.

The biggest shift for me has been my time management. Not only is the work here in greater quantity and requiring of greater quality, but I have added chores to take care of like washing dishes and getting groceries. The broken up schedule also puts me in tough positions sometimes. On breaks when I need to be working, its usually around lunch or dinner and I need to be getting something to eat. By the time I can actually sit down and get to work, its half past eight and I’ve got five hours worth of work to accomplish for the next day. This of course doesn’t leave a lot of room for getting to know people, but I’ve been told to just be patient. After all, its only week three.

When it comes to managing the workload, I’m glad to say I haven’t been struggling to find the motivation to get my work done outside of class. Over Memorial day weekend I spent around a total of twelve hours working in the studio getting work done for all three of my studio classes. I suppose that wasn’t too difficult, everyone I knew on campus was home for the weekend, but I didn’t have a hard time getting up and going to work when I could have been sleeping instead. It might sound like I’m trying to show off, but finding motivation to work has been something I’ve had difficulty with since the beginning of high school. I’m really happy that I’ve been feeling excited to tackle all my assignments; even the repetitive ones.

I still haven’t done the dishes, but now its time for me to go to class. I guess I’ll do them when I get back. Or not. We’ll see.


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