I am scheduled for ALICE training this week on Thursday from 9 am to 10:30. There was ALICE training at my high school, but it was the whole school all at once sitting down in an auditorium. Two guys spoke at us for an hour and a half and then let us chuck tennis balls at them. All I really remember is that you can pretty much use anything as a weapon, and you should be prepared to if it ends up being necessary. and My Student Success Series is Scheduled on Wednesday at 9 am to 10.  I chose “Confessions of a Golden Flash,” partially because it sounds intriguing and I’m not sure what to expect, but also because it had the most available time slots to choose from. From the description I can tell that there will be some story telling, and I’ve always enjoyed a good story time.

The other activity outside my major I’m hoping to participate in is helping backstage for any of the theater productions put on here at KSU. I’ll soon be including a theater management minor in my schedule, and I haven’t been involved with any productions since April, so I’m in withdrawal of the stage.


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