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SSS and ALICE Update

Before I get into the formalities of what I learned, I think I should mention there will be a fun and sort of crazy story at the end. Keep reading.

The Confessions of a Golden Flash ended up being exactly what I expected it would be. A few people sat and talked at us about their experiences at Kent, but didn’t tell me anything I didn’t know before. It was pretty boring, honestly, the panel didn’t seem all that thrilled to be there, even if it was their choice. There was a list of questions they had already prepared their answers for, it felt kind of rehearsed, which in some ways is good, but being prepared is different than that. I really hope I’m not required to do any more of these.

ALICE training was also what I had expected it to be. As I mentioned before I went through it in high school. I was told it might be different, but it really wasn’t. It just refreshed my memory, which is never a bad thing. Truthfully, I’m glad I have some knowledge about how to react in that type of crisis, but I don’t know if I would really be able to properly operate. I have a tendency to pass out when I get too anxious, so that might not be conducive to survival.

On that note, here is my fun story: In Junior High, I was in Power of the Pen. When we went to competition, I met this girl Jennie. We became friends watching Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, a film about a weird man and his magical toy shop. We exchanged phone numbers and became facebook friends, but after a short time our contact drifted off. While in ALICE training, they took attendance by last name, but the girl calling out “Baker, Blubaugh, Chamberlain,” stopped at one and said, “Jennie, I’m not gonna pronounce your last name right.” to which a girl replied, “Kneppelt.” Now, That sounded all too familiar, and a name like that isn’t so common, so once training was done, I walked up to Jennie and asked her if she was ever in Power of the Pen. And so this is how of all the people I have ever met, I ran into the one girl I met that one day five or six years ago. We chose the same university, the same ALICE session, and her name was just tricky enough to get her first name out too. How weird is that?


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