2D Comp

Yarn Perspective

Here is the first composition, using one point linear perspective to show the hallway.

Next, we have another hallway, but this time I used the yarn to display size change and an attempt at atmospheric perspective. as the pillars recede, they not only get smaller, but the thickness of line gets thinner.

This picture used size change and layering. you can see the cat looks so much bigger than the building out the window, which indicates the cat is much closer to us. Then, the stuffed animal is layered in front of the cat, the cat is layered in front of the window. This says that the stuffed animal must be the closest thing to us.

Here we used size change and linear perspective from an upward view, I think that’s called vertical perspective.


Lat but not least, we used layering in this image to show the power lines in front of everything, the corn in front of the house, and the house in front of the woods. Seen from the side, it becomes obvious with the power lines in particular that Layering was the primary tool used to create a spatial image.


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