Kent Core

I’m all for tasking core classes. That may put me on the odd end of things, but I really like learning. Even if I have to take courses I’m not remotely interested in, I usually find a way to get something beneficial out of it. Like right now, I’m taking my last math class for forever, and it SUCKS, but I’ve still found a way to get myself looking forward to it. Typically I”l try to choose core classes that interest me, like world religions or conflict management, but if I can’t, I’ll either try to get some type of artistic inspiration out of it, or I’ll find the merit or skill that I can appreciate.

I’m happy to say that I’ve already got seven credit hours of English. I’m not sure if that will count toward Kent Core, but if I can skip some of the prerequisites and get into the more intensive writing, maybe a creative writing class, I would really enjoy that.


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