3D Comp

Classmate’s Cardboard

These are three of the wearable cardboard sculptures I really enjoyed seeing. In the first and last images we see really geometric shapes and hard edges which I find aesthetically pleasing, and both of them utilize an armor type of shape. They both act as types of gauntlets. it’s almost like they’re in the same universe. Maybe they’re about to go battle each other?

Then in the middle image we have something entirely different. Whether it’s an alien reference or just a weird creature hanging out of his stomach, this piece is neither geometric nor a likeness to armor. It definitely has a sense of humor, which may be in the angles and associations we create with this type of open ended piece. Maybe the funny part is just how silly it makes whoever wears it look. I think it was clever to attach the bottom section to a shirt. That’s a good way to force the cardboard into whatever action you want it to perform.


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