Getting Involved with S.E.T.T. and Donut Queen

With campus organizations, I explored about four or five before I really figured out what worked for me and what I was really interested in. In visual arts, I looked at glass club, textiles club, and art club. I didn’t usually have time to go to art club, and textiles club didn’t met very often, and seemed more like a platform to sell textiles related work, so neither of these really ended up working out. I went to three or four glass club meetings, but I couldn’t make it to any of the production days, so that didn’t work out either. I’m going to try and join up more regularly next semester. A club that I did find that worked really well for me was S.E.T.T., which stands for Students Enhancing Technical Theatre. It’s an organization that is heavily involved in the KSU theater department and helps its members get involved as well. For example, S.E.T.T. organized a haunted house for Halloween this year as they do every year, and I was able to participate as an actor and then help strike the set after it was complete. I not only got to wear special FX makeup and learn how to properly fold curtains and be shown where set pieces are stored, but I got to scare the crap out of some poor unfortunate souls, too. S.E.T.T. also organizes a trip to a theatre conference every year. The big event is a job fair that can be a fantastic resource for students who are looking for summer work, or a job to go straight to after graduation. There are ways that S.E.T.T. provides to earn hours that would go toward a discount of the price you pay to go to the conference. The biggest way to earn hours is Donut Queen. This is a little shop with bagels, coffee, and donuts, of course. It is open to students from 9:00 am until 12:00 at the CPA. This was a great opportunity for me. First, it gave me a reason to get up early, and second, I was able to design an image for them that they plan to use as their new official logo.

The students that talked with us about the importance of joining these campus activities made a point to tell us that it’s important to find time to do something that isn’t related to academic work. I definitely agree, and S.E.T.T. has given me exactly that. It’s honestly really nice to work in Donut Queen in the mornings. It’s often pretty quiet since I work so early, so I get a lot of time to essentially do nothing but relax. Unfortunately, I won’t be able to continue with S.E.T.T. next semester now that I have evening classes on the same days as the meetings, but that will give me the opportunity to join something new (and maybe sleep in a little later, too).


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