3D Comp

1 to 1: Process and Product

I began with working on the base for my lamp, which I knew would be fairly simple. I cut out identical circles and glued them together, then used a strip of the outer layer of cardboard to finish the edge. What would really give me difficulty was the neck. Because it is meant to be flexible and static at the same time, it was a challenge to figure out how to bend the cardboard while maintaining the rigidity required to hold up the lampshade. During to process of experimentation, I discovered that stacking the inner corrugation together and adhering them with hot glue would allow me to bend the cardboard in whatever shape I liked, and then have it permanently stuck in that curved shape. This technique would then inspire me throughout the next assignment, when the prompt would be, “wearable cardboard.”

Some of the finishing touches of flare I included, like a mini flashlight glue into the head of the lamp, allowed the piece to be functional as well as being to scale with the original model. It did end up being very accurate in terms of measurement. That was mostly due to my use of a make-shift tape measure made with computer paper and tape. It allowed me to measure around a bent surface, which in the end made all the difference in how I was able to construct things properly. I’m happy with the finished product. Some of my mistakes (like curving the neck too sharply) gave the lamp some personality. That’s the trick as well, I think, in a project that is mainly based upon replication. If you can somehow bring life and personality to an object through its reconstruction, you’ve created art in the simple act of duplicating what already exists.


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