2D Comp

Artist Research: John Aslanidis

John Aslanidis works with geometric and natural line to create geometric images that typically convey his interest in the relation between sound and visual stimuli. He creates “paintings you can hear, music you can see.” This is possibly a result of synesthesia, but he also works alongside of musicians to create his pieces. Along with the concept of sound and sight, he pursues the nature of infinity, and designs work that has no beginning and no end. There is a continuation in the image of the circle and the crossover of every overlapping line.

His work reminds me in many ways of Janice Lesman-Moss. I interviewed her last month, and her textile work focuses on patterns formed by “the circle within the square,” and creates the same kind of fragmented line that I am seeing here. I’m definitely interested in the type of optial illusion that both these artists use.


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