2D Comp

Artist Research: Nathaniel Rackowe

Another artist who works with light is Nathaniel Rackowe, however in contrast to Jan Van Munster, he creates forms that are more geometric, often using the square and its variants to mimic the architecture he draws inspiration from. In speaking about his work, he talks about looking at a city around him, then deconstructing the forms he sees and reconstructing them with light. Furthermore this is meant to imply a focus of change. He examines the transformation of different events. Day to night, for example.

I enjoy how a lot of his pieces are large scale outdoor installations. This makes them almost site-specific, due to the fact that they are often conceptualized from the city around him. As I mentioned before, I would love to work with light as a medium. Some of his work, especially the wall pieces, seem to be a more accessible way for me to experiment with the medium.


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