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Artist Research: Natvar Bhavsar

Natvar Bhavsar, age 82, is an artist based in Soho, NYC. Originally from India, the process he uses to create abstract expressionist color field paintings is adopted from traditional Indian techniques using powdered pigments. This makes a bridge between his New York life and his Indian past, a modern American style combined with traditional Indian art. He formats his paintings on a large scale and works in dozens of layers, sometimes nearly 90 to achieve the effect he would like to impose on his viewers. His work has been described as demanding of the viewer to look at it not only from a distance to experience the piece as a whole, but to examine it closely for the detail that is contained within that many layers.

I personally admire his work for his use of color, and for its ability to be entirely non-representational, but still being capable of grabbing and holding my attention with its composition and execution. I would love to see some of his work in person someday.


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