2D Comp

Artist Research: Pieter “Parra” Janssen


Probably my favorite of the artists I’ve researched, Parra works heavily with saturated color and surrealism in a post-pop art style.  He’s located in Amsterdam and has founded his own cult-apparel label that uses his artwork. I will be purchasing something from his merchandise soon; I seriously love his work. Its somewhere in between full on minimalism and surrealism. Its very clean and crisp, the colors are mostly flat, yet they jump off the canvas or sculpture they’re used for. There is enough representational detail to allude to the intention behind a piece, but enough left out to force the viewer into questioning what it means. That is my greatest joy in art, when a piece can communicate properly without making the message too obvious. Maybe its because I’m also working a lot in red and blue these days, but I really admire the contrast and symbolism that can be held within the two hues as a pairing.


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