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Star Wars Game Piece Project

When I first imagined the concept for my game, Star Wars immediately popped into my head, not only because I’m obsessed with the films, but because there is a lot of great imagery to be used to represent the idea.

The idea for the game board to be circular sprouted from the idea of the battle to destroy the death star in Episode IV. Two teams, dark side and light side, are in a race against time to try and destroy the other first. If you reach the center of the game board, you are either blowing up the Death Star or obliterating an entire planet. This is how I knew I would have two teams with opposing designs that would represent imagery of the dark side and the light side.

With the rules of play in mind, I designed a few options for game pieces. I considered a system where the players get add-on pieces when they win battles, but then decided to simplify the idea and make the additional design elements part of the whole piece. I then designed contrasting pieces to juxtapose the first team so they could be obvious competitors, but also look cohesive as a set.

The members of the dark side are shown in red and black, members of the light side were painted in white and blue. These color choices were a direct choice from preexisting imagery, specifically from the First Order, their colors being red and black. Colors for the light side were more open ended, but I went with white as a direct opposite to black, and blue as a symbolic opposite to red. Each player has its own main color and accent color so they can easily be differentiated from one another.

The pieces of the light side have their design focused on the pointed curvature seen in the Rebel Alliance logo. I wanted to preserve the free-flowing appearance of the curve while allowing it to still display aggression, due to the game concept being a battle. The design of the dark side are rigid and orderly, just like the way things are run by the First Order. Nothing steps out of line or land out of place.

Also playing with symmetry and asymmetry, I designed two silhouettes that were asymmetrical, and two that were symmetrical. Both teams have one of each of these designs to create balance across all four designs, and indirectly connect the teams to each other. The force must remain in balance, of course.

I’m proud of my game concept and design. I intend to finish creating it, cards, board, and all. I’d love to play it with my family since it is a strictly four player game, but I also may want to design more pieces so it could have up to six players.


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