Drawing 2

Contour Still Life

I’ve never set up a still life before, but it made me really think through which objects I was choosing when I realized that I would be drawing then as accurately as I could with my skill set. I wanted to challenge myself, but not choose things that were too difficult in a way that I wouldn’t be able to manage the level of accuracy that I wanted. Arranging these items into a good composition was also a challenge. I wanted the objects to relate to each other without overpowering what was right next to them, and without carrying too much weight that it threw things out of balance. Once everything was arranged, I sat down, got in the zone, and drew dice and playing cards for three hours, along with the rest of the miscellaneous objects I packed in.

I tried my best to take into account the feedback I had gotten during the two previous in class drawing sessions. I had to make sure to step back and look at what I had already done, I needed to vary my line weight, along with accounting for the lines created by shadows and highlights. What was most difficult for me is what I’ve been most worried about in this class. Suppressing the urge to erase and start over entirely has been incredibly difficult, but its helping me learn how to sight better, and how to more effectively utilize cross contour lines and an imaginary axis of symmetry. I’m also realizing that resisting the call to erase allows me to pick out the correct line without smudges, and I can see the process that comes with gradually becoming more precise with measuring angles and other dimensions.

The finished product was not my best. I ended up rushing through at some points, and when I was choosing my final lines to define, I only used an HB pencil and a 4B pencil. I was lacking in midtoned lines, although I attempted to use the 4B pencil with a lighter hand to achieve that, I should have just taken the time to use the range of pencils I had access too. There were also some issues with certain angles, a couple objects were slanting left. But The faint lines used for the background setting allowed the objects to stand out while still remaining in context.

There’s a lot I can learn from the other people in class, too. There were a couple pieces with a lot of attention to detail that I think maybe I’m missing, not necessarily because of the objects I’m choosing, but because I may not be allowing myself the wiggle room to add that detail in. I also think I can learn to use lighter construction lines, and learn to have an over all lighter and looser hand when I’m drawing. There were a lot of drawings in the critique that looked very clean, but a closer look showed that the construction lines were still there. Even though I typically feel a lot of pressure in a classroom setting, I’m ready to work hard to improve throughout this class.


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