Drawing 2

Organizational Line

This assignment was more difficult for me than the previous at-home still life. It might have been because I didn’t have anything to prop my drawing board against. In fact, I’m going to say that because I had to balance it on my knees while working, and things kept slipping and bending and moving, sighting became increasingly difficult, which is what really ends up making or breaking a project. I can’t count the number of times I screamed in frustration at the mini fridge and weird bendy chair. By the time I was finished, I was so exhausted from the annoyance caused by the lack of control over the drawing board that when I tried to go to sleep, I had to actually make a point to calm down. Maybe that was an overreaction, but when an assignment is due the next day and you’re already tired, being in a constant battle with gravity and physics wears down on your psyche.

In terms of the drawing itself and how it turned out, aside from the chair, I’m fairly happy with it. I probably should have added more background context, but if I had I might have lost my mind entirely. Although, I am happy with the variations in line weight. The trick was, I finished with the line weight the next morning after I had slept and eaten breakfast. Same lighting, and I never moved the still life, just a different mindset and more energy.

The critique today pointed out the flaws in the chair, which I definitely noticed, and praised the attention to detail on the umbrella, which I was actually pretty proud of. Something odd that I noticed, maybe its nothing at all, but I tend to hang up my homework at eye level when I’m standing up, and at least with other portrait oriented pieces, most everyone else hangs them lower.

I think I can still work on defining more detail and dimension. I’m getting the hang of line weight but I’m starting to notice more that the thick lines, while they allow you to pick out which line is correct, don’t help define the textural qualities of the objects and may make them feel a bit stiff.
Overall, though this week has been somewhat difficult, I’m learning and noticing more about what I can improve on.


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