Drawing 2

Perspective: One point, Two Point (Red point, Blue point)

Alright so this week has gotten away from me. Things are getting hectic, and I’m getting stressed, and my assignments are suffering. It is just incredibly difficult to find the time to draw something I can be proud of. So this post will be about both the one point perspective assignment, and the two point perspective.

With one point, I’m finding that locating the vanishing point is giving me trouble, especially since I refuse to choose spaces that aren’t somewhat challenging. A lot of the time I end up thinking I know where the vanishing point is, and then finding out after I’ve drawn three different things that it is actually two inches to the left of what I was using. Not to mention the fact that finding the horizon line is a struggle that I may never overcome. I might go insane.

With my one point drawing, I ended up choosing a space that had multiple challenges, including stairs and multiple thin, straight lines that made up the railing. What a PAIN. I understand the principle of not using a straight edge, I really do, but its driving me nuts.

In two point, I’m less worried about the vanishing point because each object has its own pair of points, but the horizon line is still giving me a bit of trouble, however its getting a little easier if I can find the edge of an object to be eye level with. Plus the perspective in general is more interesting to me. Things feel more dimensional than they do in one point, at least more dimensionally interesting.

I’m trying to try my best with this homework, this semester is just insane. I know I need to kick it into gear, or I won’t end up learning anything. I’ve learned about line variation and improved a lot, but I’m frustrated that I’m still not fully grasping certain techniques, and I’m not getting the levels of detail I want yet. Well, another week, another opportunity.


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