Drawing 2

Midterm: Full Value

The midterm project has been my favorite so far. Despite taking eight hours straight and driving me insane with the pressure I had put on myself to accurately render the details of value, I feel like this is my best work in class so far. I definitely simplified certain areas like the wall and upper shelf, which contained many more objects than were shown in the final drawing, but the pieces I chose to keep in the composition lended well to the overall piece. I’m happy with the way I organized everything. I sat on the floor and looked up at my desk, there was a diagonal created by an incredibly tricky umbrella, and objects with ellipses could be found on either side of that diagonal. I put a lot of thought into how things were arranged, bringing certain objects forward and pushing others back, but also allowing things to overlap, which can be a challenge in itself. I think the biggest challenge was allowing myself to take the time I needed to do everything to my own standard. Although, I did rush somewhat at the end, and could have focused on more accurate detail in the umbrella. That umbrella was TOUGH.

The critique went well I think. People noticed the diagonal and they pointed out how shiny the mirror looked. I’m proud of what I turned in. I can still pus into darker values more and make sure that I keep the highlights with the bright white of the paper. That will involve keeping the paper clean, which I definitely struggle with. I can also work on keeping straight lines stiff, and ellipses perfectly rounded. Sometimes my lines get away from me.

I feel confident with value, and I’m really glad to be moving on to that skill in class. I honestly was getting bored with strictly contour. I also think I have a fairly strong sense of shading, and I can apply it well to an object. I’m also excited that we are using charcoal, and I’m curious about the conte crayons, which I’ve never used before.


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