Drawing 2


With Charcoal I’m more comfortable simply because I’ve had more experience with it. I also prefer it for its ability to blend smoothly over the tooth of the paper without needing to be burnished. There’s also a lot of leeway when you include a white charcoal stick into the mix, even if your value is too dark, layering the white can substantially lighten an area, which is something I really like.

This drawing in particular wasn’t the most difficult set up I’ve done, I chose objects I’ve used multiple times and I’ve become fairly familiar with drawing their dimensions at multiple different angles.The new challenge for this semester was drawing the fabric, which I will admit is rather tricky, even with charcoal. I’m fairly satisfied with how the fabric turned out, although the edge of the towel I used looks stiff and somewhat out of place. I think it helped that I chose a fabric with a sort of striped texture. Drawing that in really helped display the contour of the folds.

Unfortunately I missed the critique for this assignment, but I know that if there’s one thing I should improve on, it’s leaving more open white space for the highlights. The biggest challenge with charcoal is that it gets everywhere, so sometimes leaving open space gets a little complicated. But cleaning up my work and leaving open space while still blending and utilizing the medium to its best ability are the main things I should work on.


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