Drawing 2

Mixed Media Studies

Both the object study and still life assignment were a breath of fresh air for me this semester. Using mixed media means having fun, because i can really connect with the materials I’m using and explore different means of creating texture and mood. I really enjoy getting my hands dirty, and experimenting with new techniques is just the way to do it.

When I chose the tree, it was because I saw the number of textures within the one object. Some of the branches were smooth and other parts were jagged and some were rough and bumpy. I wanted to challenge myself to differentiate the textures in a clear manner.

The joy in mixed media is getting creative. The challenge is reigning that in when your initial plan goes awry. I wasn’t as happy with my homework still life. I used ink and conte in hopes of getting a graphic approach with soft shadow, but it didn’t turn out as i had expected it to, and I would have liked to do it over again.

During the critique I got to talk a lot about the processes I used, like making charcoal paste and dipping white charcoal sticks into black ink, or putting a black ink wash on the page and going over it in white conte. Something I noticed in a couple other studies of other people is that I can still go more abstract with my decisions. If I want to, I can represent the object without following it exactly to its original contour or design.



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