As an artist, I’ve always felt drawn to joy invoked by environment. As a theatre major, I’m learning how to develop a visual story with set design and props. By my interpretation, these two halves of my life are joined together by one common factor: Space, or more specifically, the space that surrounds me and what I use to fill it. Large scale art installations are intriguing to me the same way playgrounds and theme parks like Disneyland are to young kids and those who remain young at heart. When given the opportunity to work on a project without restrictions, I usually find that planned or not, the piece takes shape as an abstraction of the reality around us.
When I’ve been given full freedom of design, there is almost always an aspect of my work that contains decorative pieces.

The Rococo period displayed a similar type of freedom of decorative nature and playful elegance that contributes to my stylistic influences. Even more so in the developments with interior design and architecture of that period, Rococo influences my set design to incorporate elaborate detail. Even when this detail is better appreciated up close, I love creating art on a stage as opposed to a simple room for an actor to pass through.
Yayoi Kusama is an artist who fills space with what she loves most. Bright color, circular patterns, and at times an interactive element of her art takes the people who experience it into her own world. Although I haven’t yet had the chance to take on work at such a grand scale, when I finally create a large scale installation, or design a set for the stage, it will be designed in the same manner that puts the viewer in some place entirely new. As I continue my work, I hope to incorporate the elements of a personal narrative into installations, sculpture, or scenic design.


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